FiveM - Scripthook Bypass

Ever wanted to run that Riptide Menu? Using our SH Bypass you can do so with ease.



Ever wanted to run all these ASI files you like? Even with clientside scripts disabled?
Using our new Scripthook Bypass you can run any asi you would like with ease.
It is as simple as loading up the game, pressing inject & joining a server.

Don't have a menu?
Simply ask our community! There are a lot of popular menus going around.

What are you waiting for?
Get good, get ham.

This product is HWID locked, you may request resets in the User Control Panel. Account sharing is NOT permitted under any circumstance.
You are prohibited to use our products for any online usage. We only guarantee flawless offline usage.
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@Ghost122444#7634  |  Highly Recommend  |  January 5th 2021 6:22pm EST

If you don't know how to use Lua Executor, I recommend this, as your option. It's easy to use. No troubles. So, Buy it. This program won't let you down.

@LukaszG#9666  |  Highly Recommended  |  January 26th 2020 7:25pm EST

Amazing features, no ban, great staff.

@MCPE TH#7637  |  The Best Product Scripthook Bypass  |  November 26th 2019 9:50pm EST (Updated: 26/11/19 9:56pm EST)

The Best. I recommend Scripthook Bypass. no ban.
Very easy to use :)

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